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October 26th, 2014

Beauty supply stores in chicago 60637 I have been coming to this Walgreens for many years and I have to say they have made many improvements.
When the line is long they quickly say I see 3 which means there are more than 3 people in line I believe.
The unfriendly Korean lady who runs it glowers at you while you browse the cardboard boxes piled with badly glued hair thingamabobs and tarnished doodads.
Id rather pay an extra couple dollars somewhere else than give this broad any more of my money.
Somehow there are people who look stunning in the tundra that is Chicago in February.
Your response can win back a customer and convince others that you are committed to quality and service.
The foreign staff leave much to be desired but they rarely interract with customers directly anyway.
Chatham is a big beauty supply store with a huge selection of beauty products and human hair weaves.
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